Looking to Improve Your Muscular Fitness?

Let us show you how Muscle Activation Techniques® combined with strength training can get you back to being active and literally change your life.

How We Restore Your Active Lifestyle

The Body Active is truly a ‘green’ studio offering a holistic atmosphere as you pursue a healthier body. We are dedicated to restoring optimal muscular function to your body.

A bio-mechanically based manual therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques® [MAT], is used to assess the body for muscular imbalances and weaknesses, as well as the pain that sometimes accompanies these.  MAT® then employs precision palpation and corrective exercises to help restore pain free muscular function.

In addition to MAT®, we will employ resistance training to increase muscular strength and to improve your stamina and balance.  All of this is accomplished at at our beautiful state of the art studio. This studio was designed and built in an ecological manner that minimized the impact on the Earth’s health. This resulted in an environment that is free of many of the regular pollutants that are so commonly associated with construction.

MAT® involves a unique process of active and passive [range of motion] assessment(s) of joints, manual muscle testing, and precision palpative muscular therapy. This process is followed by corrective isometric exercise.

The goal of MAT® is to restore functional and efficient pain free movement. Most importantly MAT® restores stability within this movement.

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